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Where to Find Us

In addition to markets and online, Wildry products are currently being sold at the following D.C. retail locations:


Capitol Hill
760 C Street SE
Stocking: Pressed Flower Frames, Candles, DIY Kits, Greeting Card, Stickers, and more


18th St NW 2nd Floor
Stocking: Pressed Flower Frames and Mushroom Plant Friends

Femme Fatale

Cleveland Park
3409 Connecticut Ave NW
Stocking: Pressed Flower Frames, Candles,
Scrunchies, and more

Shop Made in DC

1304 Wisconsin Ave NW
Stocking: DIY Pressed Flower Kits

Meet the Team

Hailey Rohn



Growing up, Hailey always had a strong passion for of nature, travel, crafting, art, and theatre that has shaped who they are today. As a career field, landscape architecture jumped out at them from the beginning due to the collaboration of art, nature, and the human experience. However, Hailey found that they much preferred working with their hands and not long after college, Hailey transitioned into urban agriculture where they were most recently Director of Operations for Little Wild Things City Farm.

In 2018, Hailey quit their job to travel the world full time with their partner and began selling floral illustrations online, mostly as tattoo designs and wedding invitation embellishments. When the pandemic sent them home in 2020, they resettled in DC and Hailey began making physical creations to sell, inspired by their time among the flowers during travel and working at the farm. Wildry's first art market was July 2021 and they haven't looked back since.

Three fun facts about Hailey: 

- Their favorite flower is a sunflower
- They play in a weekly game of Dungeons & Dragons
- They were a featured extra in The Perks of Being a Wallflower & wrote a stage adaptation that was put on by several theatre companies

Katie Upshaw

Floral Preservation Specialist


When Katie got married, she packed up every single flower from her wedding so she could take them home to preserve them. In the process, she found her passion. She left her desk job and hasn't looked back. She couldn’t be happier to have turned her passion into her profession at Wildry. 

As a wedding floral preservationist, Katie specializes in crafting bespoke designs that blend the aesthetics of the original bouquet with the longevity of a preserved piece. Her goal is to provide couples with cherished keepsakes that encapsulate the magic of their special day, frozen in time for years to come.

Three fun facts about Katie: 

- Her dearest ambition is to find the perfect breakfast burrito
- She blew out my car speaker to the Lion King soundtrack when she was 17
- When she's not obsessing over flowers, she can be found exploring Washington D
C with her wife and two dogs, Feta and Maple, in-tow

Studio Assistants
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