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Where to Find Us

In addition to markets and online, Wildry products are currently being sold at the following D.C. retail locations:


Capitol Hill
760 C Street SE
Stocking: Pressed Flower Frames, Candles, DIY Kits, Greeting Card, Stickers, and more


18th St NW 2nd Floor
Stocking: Pressed Flower Frames and Mushroom Plant Friends

Femme Fatale

Cleveland Park
3409 Connecticut Ave NW
Stocking: Pressed Flower Frames, Candles,
Scrunchies, and more

Shop Made in DC

1304 Wisconsin Ave NW
Stocking: DIY Pressed Flower Kits


Hi, I'm Hailey.


Growing up I always had a strong passion for of nature, travel, crafting, art, and theatre that has shaped who I am today. 

As a career field, landscape architecture jumped out at me from the beginning due to the collaboration of art, nature, and the human experience. However, I found that I much preferred working with my hands and not long after college, I transitioned into agriculture where I was most recently Director of Operations for Little Wild Things City Farm.

Wildry bloomed out of a love of nature and repurposing items to create sustainable art. I started out slowly selling small designs starting in 2019 and then officially launched Wildry in 2021.

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