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DIY Pressed Flower
Frame Instructions

Instructions & Helpful Tips

Phase 1: Designing Your Frame


  1. Unwrap your frame

    1. Open your frame and remove the small plastic dot

    2. Locate the hooks - this is the top of your frame

  2. Designing Your Frame

    1. Use the tweezers to gently lay out your flowers as you would like them displayed (with the hooks at the top when you close the frame!) Feel free to use scissors to trim any stems or petals. A few design tips:

      1. Pick the flowers that speak to your heart or choose a color scheme to match your room, there’s no wrong answer.

      2. Think of a bouquet: Pick your favorite flowers to be the feature of your design and arrange smaller flowers and greenery around them

      3. Think of a meadow: Arrange your flowers and greenery to flow up through the frame, as though they are growing in a meadow

    2. When you are happy with your design, close your frame; now it’s time to glue!

Phase 2: Glue

  1. Reversing your design:

    1. Take a photo of your design (so you can easily fix!)

    2. Close your frame and hold the two panes of glass together tightly

    3. In a quick but fluid motion, flip your frame upside down, then lay it on the table again

    4. Open and adjust any florals that may have slipped

  2. Using the tube of glue, dot a small amount of glue on the back of each flower and leaf. Only one dot is needed, even for large pieces, and try to hide the glue when you can (for example, glue a fern behind a rose so if any glue squishes out, it will be hidden!

    1. Tip: the flowers will try to come up with the glue, so use your tweezers in your other hand to hold down the flowers as you glue

  3. Close up your frame and let it sit for a minute for the glue to set

  4. Attach your chain

Congrats, you’re all done! Pressed flowers retain their color best out of direct sunlight or highly humid rooms. I hope you enjoyed the creative process!

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