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DIY Pressed Flower Ornament Instructions

Instructions & Helpful Tips

Phase 1: Designing Your Ornaments


  1. Prepping your wood cookies 

    1. Brush off any debris

    2. Locate the drilled hole- this is the top of the ornament

  2. Painting your ornaments 

    1. Feel free to skip this step if you prefer the natural wood look

    2. Pick the color you would like to use and paint a thin circle on the wood cookie. Do your best to keep your layers as thin as possible to prevent the wood getting too moist (this can lead to potential cracking issues!)

  3. Allow enough time for the paint to dry. You shouldn’t see any shiny spots on the paint and it should be dry to the touch

Phase 2: Adding Your Flowers

  1. Paint a thin layer of glue (the white vial) on the wood cookie 

  2. Place your flowers onto the glue

  3. Paint another thin layer over top of the flowers

    1. If you have many flowers overlapping, repeat a layer of glue on each flower before adding the next one on top 

    2. As you paint on the glue, make sure that you are painting away from the center of the flower to ensure that the petals won’t be damaged

    3. If you have any thick flowers, you may need extra glue underneath them to hold them down

  4. Allow to dry

  5. Attach the twine by spinning one end of the twine through the back hole of the ornament and tie off

Congrats, you’re all done! I hope you enjoyed crafting your very own holiday ornaments!

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